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Prayer Request: Pray that God has Saved His Soul Prayer Request: Pray that God has Saved His Soul

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Clyde A. Evans

Pray that God has Saved His Soul (Aug 30, 2012)

Prayer Request:
My brother, Ronney Morton is very sick with Cancer and He needs your Prayers. He's a very knid person and would do anything for you if you ask Him to. I know that He's in God's hands the best hands any of us could be in. I'm not asking you to pray that God heals His body, because if God has something left for Him to do, then God will and can do that without us asking. I just want Him to know the Lord as His Personnal Savior. Then whatever the outcome, to God Be The Glory, For The Great Things He Has Done. His Little Brother, Deacon Boo Boo

   Discussion: Pray that God has Saved His Soul
Dea.ClydeA.Evans1 · 10 years, 6 months ago
My brother Ronney Morton has gone home to be with the Lord now and He's no longer in any pain. It was a blessed home going service with a lot of his friends and mine. We remembered his funny but kind ways and how he was willing to help everyone he could. One day I know I will see him again. So until then I will keep serving the Lord and waite until He calls me Home as well. All of us must go that way one day, but my question to you is, Are You Ready? If you are that's wonderful, but if by chance you are not, just ask The Lord Jesus Christ to come into Your Heart. he will do it, just ask Him to, and He will show You the Way, from Earth to Glory, and He will keep You, from Falling. His Litte Brother, Clyde A. Evans (Boo Boo)
Rev. Martin A. Greenwood (anon) · 9 years, 4 months ago
Deacon Boo Boo. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. My prayers as always are with you and the family and the church family. I pray that God has blessed the church with a man that is after his heart. Just a phone call away.Gods' faithful servant.Rev. Martin Greenwood Sr

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